Present tense bentuk nominal and verbal:
1. I'm dirty before clean up.
2. That water is very hot.
3. This parfume is very good smell.
4. Your hair is very cool today.
5. That clothes is not good for you.
6. I love you.
7. You love me.
8. I do not love you.
9. Do you love me?
10. I hate you.

Simple continous tense:
1. You are looking handsome tonight.
2. Your sister is going cinema tonight.
3. I am learning english every night.
4. I am painting my girlfriend face.
5. You are reading my novel this afternoon.
6. I am looking good place for our meeting right now.
7. You are looking for Andi this morning.
8. We are eating lunch in the restorant together.
9. I am thinking a good idea this afternoon.
10. They are cooking food together this morning.

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