perbandingan tentang apa mw nya???
terserah aja deh, yang penting percakapan comparative form:))
Andi : Hello, Shapira. How are you?
Saphira: Hi, Andi. I’m well. And you?
Andi: Me too. Hey, look at there. Nita and Nina is twin, is’nt it?
Saphira: Yes, why???
Andi: According to me, Nita is beutifull than Nina.
Saphira: Hmm, don’t say like it, although Nita is beutifull than Nina but Nina is more clever than us.
Andi: Yeah, that’s right. I forget it.
ok, ur wellcome,,,


Rita: Hey, have you seen the new students?
Ben: Yeah I have. But I like the short one better, he looks kinder and friendlier than the other.
Rita: Hmmm, I agree. But I do think that the other one looks way smarter than the short one.
Ben: I can say that you're quite right.

semoga membantu :)