Apakah kalimat dibawah ini sudah merupakan simple present tense:
-He always consumes low GI rice.
-She sends much money to her parents in the village.
-She visits the library twice a month.
-Aliya always study every night
-I usually go to school by mini bus.
-The sun rises from the east and sets in the west.
-Water boils at 100 degrees celcius.
-A year has twelve months.
-Ice is cold.
-Fire is hot.

Jika ada yang salah tolong diperbaiki!



Simple present tense kn..
Sepertinya sudah
Aliya always study every night = Aliya always studies every night

Kalau ke3 kalimat ini bkan simple present tense kyanya
-A year has twelve months.
-Ice is cold.
-Fire is hot.