Arrange the words into a good senteces for no1-2
1.When-leave-gas stove-on-unattended-not
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Arrange the following senteces into a good narrative text
1.the five footed bear liked to help other animals afternoon,when the five footed bear went home, he found a rabbit under a mahogany tree
3.But,all animals who lived with him didn't fell strange
4.Once upon a time , there was a strange bear who lived in jungle
5.then,the five footed bear brought him to his house
6.His home was open for anyone who wanted to stay
7.he has five feet
8.the rabbit loked hungry
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Arrange the following good senteces into a good recount text
1.The bus was air conditioned , so I felt comfortable
2.All the passenger got off ,did their prayers and had dinner
3.Then,I took a taxi to my grandparents house
4. In my holiday , I visited my grandparents in Bandung
5.The bus stopped at pekalongan
6.I went there by bus,it left at five in the afternoon
7.The bus reached Bandung at six