Work in pairs to write conversation based on the following
work in pairs to write conversation based on the following situations
1.came for a cup of coffee chess at your to puncak
3.have dinner with you
4.join you on picnic
5.go shopping
6.visit your grandparents in bandung
7.go fishing in the lake the home work together
9.come for lunch

mksd ny disusun semua atau dipasangkan???
tadi kan sama saya sudah di kasih contohnya


1. Roy: Hello Frank! It's not everyday I see you here in my coffee shop.
Frank: Yeah, I'm extremely sleepy and I need coffee right now.
Roy: One coffee coming right up!
Frank: Thanks!

2. Gita: Hey, would you like to play the game of chess in puncak?
Hana: Sure! I'd love to!
Gita: Okay! We'll go to Puncak on Saturday, and I will bring the game.
Hana: Alright.

3. Jerry: Hello Kate!
Kate: Hello Jerry!
Jerry: I was wondering, may I join you for dinner? I can help you wash your dishes.
Kate: Oh there's no need for that. Of course you can join me for dinner!
Jerry: Thanks Kate!
Kate: No problem!

4. Gibby: Hey Carly! It's a nice picnic you're having.
Carly: Hey Gibby! Yeah, I prepared this picnic really well.
Gibby: Umm, do you mind if I join your picnic?
Carly: Of course not! Here, have a seat!
Gibby: Thank you very much!
Carly: Your welcome!

5. Mom: Bonnie? I'm going to the supermarket, I need to buy some things. Do you want to come?
Bonnie: Oh yes! I also need to buy some snacks for me tomorrow.
Mom: Alright then, let's go shopping!
Bonnie: Okay!

6. Yanti: Mom, dad, are we going to visit grandpa and grandma?
Dad: Yes dear, we're going to visit your grandparents in Bandung.
Yanti: Hooray!

7. Tony: Hey Luke! I'm going fishing! Care to join me?
Luke: Well then, I thought you'd never ask. 
Tony: Come on let's go!
Luke: Yeah!

8. Ratih: Nabila, do you want to do our homework together?
Nabila: Sure Ratih. I'll come over to your house at 3 o'clock.
Ratih: Okay! See you!

9. Tiwi: Will you come for lunch tomorrow?
Anna: Sure, I'll come tomorrow.
Tiwi: Okay!

semoga membantu :)
maaf kalau tidak seperti yang diinginkan :(