Work in pairs to write conversation based on the following situations
1.came for a cup of coffee chess at your to puncak
3.have dinner with you
4.join you on picnic
5.go shopping
6.visit your grandparents in bandung
7.go fishing in the lake the home work together
9.come for lunch

play chess at your house
ko jawabannya belum muncul sih..?
ak uda jawab... maaf kepanjangan...
no 2.
A: Let's play chess together!
B: Sound like fun! When is it?
A: How about Monday? We will play at your house
B: Cool! i'll make lemon tea for us!
no 4.
A: I heard that you will be picnic with your family. It that true?
B: Yes, it is. We will picnic in Bandung
A: Cool! Can I join with you?
B: Yes, you can. We will have fun there!


Saya memilih poin no 8, lebih enak di rumah
Do the home work together

x:La, would you help me with this assignment.. is difficult for me..
y:sure, why don't we do it together, this assignment is same with mine..
x:soun'ds good... this night i'll go to your house, okay?