a. May i borrow your pen?

b. May i lend your money
c. May i ask your  a piece of paper on your books?
d. Can you give me your books?
e. Can you buy a cake for me?
f.  Can i ask your photos?

giving fact:
a. Wow. your book is very nice. 
b. Wow, I think if your laptop is nice
c. Your Friend is very good
d. Wow. this school is so nice
e. Wow. you have good house

a. I remind if your house is not big, but your house is small
b. I think, your table is not clean, but your table is dirty
c. I think, this pool is not small, but this pool is big
d. I think if you not smart, but you are good friend.
e. I remind if this house is not big, but this house is small