Do you know Cinderella? Course you know, we're all know Cinderella. It's a story of a girl who live with her step mother and her two step sisters. It's a very well known story and it's told in so many versions. How about the other stories like Snow White, Beauty n the Beast, and form our country of Indonesia we had Cindelaras, Kleting Kuning, ect.  Story telling is apart of culture. Most children are love it. Today's the story telling has develop become more interesting. In modern life, the era of popular culture has so much fans. The story telling become so much interesting because it express in games and cartoon movies.  Culture is unseparated part of human, of society. Story telling not just a 'tool' to make children sleep, but it has another purpose like moral education. And I'm sure it's one of best way to educate children for understanding the morality for their life.

Text custom tentang budaya itu banyak ko, seperti cerita2 yg menggambarkan budaya, cerita daerah, cerita dari pengaruh barat. misalnya cinderella, malin kundang, candi borobudur dsb.