saya harus membuat puisi bahasa inggris buatan sendiri, mohon bantuannya ya

You Are My Everything
By Powell
When I went to bed last night, my last thought was of you.
When I woke up this morning, my first thought was of you.
You are my everything; my sun, my stars, my sky.
You are my everything… and this is the reason why:
For when we met it was fate, fate from the soul within.
For when we met it was choice, choice to be your friend.
For when we first laughed together, I knew it was meant to be.
itu by powell itu penulisnya ya?


The last story

will you wash my body
that covered the stains of sin
prior to his death,killing
and let me lay helpless

when my in nature there,
are you going to leave me?
let the words piercing and tearing me to pieces
allowing evil voice kept locked.

i am not to burn in hell
but i drank it appropriate blessing of the garden?
but.....i hope
when the sun no longer greet
at that moment heaven was no longer
pleased me gone....
and hell is only a mirage

god.....please forgive me
Man In the mirror Im gonna maké a change Im starting with the Man In the mirror Im asking him to change his way If you wanna maké a World a better place Take a look at your self and maké a change