I want to introduce my self……….!!!
My name is GERALD DEMON My family call me GERALD I am came from Masohi I live at Batas Kota I am fourti years old, and I am hundred fourty cm tall My mother name is SELVI ISAAZ My father name is HERAD DEMON I have one sisther My hobby is a soccer and play station 2 Ok,….! think enough for my intruducing.
Hello guys and Good Morning. I would like to introduce myself, please allow me to. First of all, My name is...., I am (umur) years old, I live at(kalo rumah pake at, daerah baru pake in), I was born in...., My Hobby is(kalo hobbynya dua atau lebih ganti isnya jadi are karena jamak). Maybe That's all I can say. Lastly, Thank you for your attentions, and Good day Guys!
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