-That’s an irritating noise.
- This is an exciting film.
- He’s a talented musician.
That noise is irritating.
- This film is exciting.
- That musician is talented.
-the noise is annoying the neighbours.
-I was surprised.
-The news was surprising
I’m interested in English

semoga membantu :)
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1. The girls who always complain are very annoying to the man.
2. If I saw a ghost, I would be frightened.
3. Roni was very excited to learn that her concert was sold out.
4. The children are bored by the teacher's explanation.
5. Tina was surprised to see in the mirror that she had dirt in her hair.
6. My niece is terrified of dogs.
7. She tought the ride on the rollercoaster was thrilling.
8. My score was surprising me!
9. My job is very satisfying. I love helping people.
10. My grandmother was shocked by the man's bad language.
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