Senna and Adys always fight in class. Whatever a small of their problem, they become angry each other.

Senna : Hey !! you dropped my pencil case ! 
Adys : WHAT? Noo, I did not drop yours ! *padahal bener njatuhin kotak pensil Senna.. sambil menginjak kaki Senna*
Senna : What the hell! you step on my foot !
Adys : How come ? You begin it first!
Senna : Ugggh.. how disgusting you are! *sambil mendorong pundak Adys*
Adys : HELLOO???!! You are very disgusting. Before you judge me , make sure that you're perfect !
Senna : Yeaahh, I'M PERFECT .

Hear of those words, the leader class told them to be a good friend each other.

Radith : Stop friends ! Don't make a noisy here ! You are friends each other... so don't fight 
Rida : Yes, friends ! You should make up to a good friend again ! (*make up : baikan )
Viona : You should say sorry to each other
Senna : WHAT? Nope ! She did it first ! *sambil nunjuk ke Adys*
Adys : HOW COME?! You lie !
Senna : She lie !
Adys : YOOUUU!!
Radith : Stop friends ! You both must say sorry.
Rida :*pssst... how about we call the teacher here?*
Radith : great idea !

Radith and Rida call the teacher to solve the problem. 
The teacher comes...
Teacher : Senna and Adys ! Come here.. tell me whats the problem, and please you make up again!

Senna and Adys go to the teacher.. they tell it to her. The teacher give them an advise.. and in the end, they can make up again.