Compliment untuk
1.thank remember my birthday when nobody does.
2.i love you,too,sweety.
3.thank you.

response untuk are such a nice boy.
2.i am sorry about your accident.i'll always be here if you need my help.
3.what a wonderful performance!
4.i know you have tried your best.i am sure next time you will get a better score.
5.good job!well done.
6.if you need anything,please just call me.



1. Happy Birthday, Wish you all the best
2. What a great performence, Love you Sweety
3. What a nice T-shirt

1. Thank you
2. Thank a lot for your sympathy
3. Thank you very much
4. yeah,, thank for your support
5. what a shame :)
6. Okey, thank
4 3 4