Afiq : Where have you been?
Raka : I’m from toilet. It’s so bad
Afiq : What’s the matter?
Raka : Bad smell came out when I passed through
Afiq : Oh, our friends don’t pay attention to clean it
Raka : I think so
Raka : hey afiq !
afiq : hey, raka. how"re you today ?
raka : im fine thanks. how about you ?
afiq : im fine too. thanks.
raka : afiq, i was got some news from Ms. Lisa
afiq : whats the news ?
raka : next week, we will do math test
afiq : oh no. thats a bad news.
raka : same like my mine. but, if we dont do the test, we cannot get a grade.
afiq : ya. i accept your oppinion.

segitu aja yaa :D