A: Ladies, may I take your order?
B: Yes. I want a chicken steak.
C: I want a sirloin steak.
A: I'm sorry, Miss, but I'm not sure if we still have the sirloin.
C: Really? That's too bad.
B: You'd better order something else, C.
C: Okay. I think I'm gonna pick the tenderloin one.
A: We have it. Drinks?
B: I want a glass of orange juice.
C: And I want a glass of milkshake.
A: Pardon me, Miss, but I have a doubt if we still can make the orange juice.
B: You're all out of orange?
A: I'm afraid so. So many customers order it today.
B: Okay, I'll choose a glass of lemon tea.
A: Alright. Desserts?
C: What's the specialty for today?
A: We have melt choco. It's delicious. It's worth dying for.
B: Are you sure you still have it till now?
A: Yes, I'm pretty sure of that.
C: Okay. I'll take it.
B: Me too.
A: Okay. I'll leave you for now.

sorry klo jelek dan kurang ekspresi certainty dan uncertainty nya...