Harsya: What a great Motorcycle you have, Pandu.
Pandu : Thank you, Harsya. I just finished modifying it.
Harsya: You mean this is the old motorcycle that you used to drive to school?
Pandu : Yes, it is.
Harsya: It looks a lot different. What did you do to it?
Pandu : Not much. I had it paint with a brighter colour and add some new ccessories.
Harsya: Great job!
Pandu : Thanks.

a: you look so different today?
b: really?
a: yes, you look so beautiful today with your new style
b: thanks for your compliment.


Sinta: "Hi, Sweety. Long time no see."
Jojo: "Yea. Very long time. You look cute with that gown."
Sinta: "Thanks. You too. What a nice haircut! I love it."
Jojo: "Yea, I try to be more modest. It's new style, isn't it."
Sinta: "I guess so. By the way, where is Andi, your boyfriend?
Jojo: "We broke up last month."
Sinta: "Ups, sorry!" Jojo: "Never mind. I'm Okay."

A:how are you today
B:Not bad,and you
A:I'm fine ,thanks
B:what your opinion about this flower
A:What a wonderful flower
B:yes I think so

P:You look so beautiful in this morning
Q:Are you sure
P:Yes I'm sure about it
Q:what an amazing dress
P:Thanks, do you like it
Q:Of course

X:are you busy in this morning
Y:Not really
X:do you like to go to my grandfather house's
Y:Why not
X:what do you think about my grandfather house's
Y:wow , How Amazing it is
X:Yeah , thanks