Tolong dong di cek tugas saya,dimana kesalahan saya?


Every body know
tigers especially in the wildness of hunting instincts and skill for survival
and their extinction. The habitats of tigers are in Asia, Siberia and India.
And the habitats of the tigers in each place decrease every year, in India its habitat decreased over 50% in
last 30 years.

Tigers are one of
the biggest among the 37 species of cats in the world today. Tigers have very
sharp teeth and very powerful claws to catch their food such as deers, zebras,
even buffaloes and other animals to be able to survive. Tigers also have yellow eyes that glow in the
dark that are used to hunting their food in the night. Although tigers placed
in the highest rank of predators but they also has a predator except a human.
predator of the tigers is a lion. Lions do not eat the tigers but just kill them
to erase rivalry in catching their target.



Judulnya jng the tiger, tapi tiger . aja cukup.
setiap benda jamak beri akiran s/es. pas tigernya diceritain sendiri jng pake s lg diblakangnya. tp tidak semua
dari penyusunan kata yang lain selain judul ada gak?
ga ada
Itu judulnya jangan The Tiger. itu kan tentang report, jadi judulnya Tigers.
dari penyusunan kata yang lain selain judul ada gak?