A:hey i think our class need a some of decoration right now.how about doing it on sunday?
B:that a good idea about the decoration but i cant do it on that time because sunday is a time for family and in my view our friends have some errands to do that time too 
A:then shall we do that on monday?
B:well we have a free time on monday.there are no task and i feel we can do that!lets do it on monday!

Nella: Tomorow i have exam, but today i'm very slepy.
Mika: You must to study, but if you very slepy  you can study after sleep in 2 hours.
Nella: That a good idea, thanks..

Nella : What do you think about my boyfriend?
Mika : I think your boyfriend very kind, he is a romantic guy, and diligent people
Nella : Waw.... thanks for your oppinion