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1. The committee has met twice and .... A. they reached a final decision B. a final decision was reached C. its decision was reached D. it has reached a final decision 2. The manager won't be able to attend the shareholders' meeting tomorrow because.... A. he must to give a lecture B. he will be giving a lecture C. of he will give lecture D. he will have giving a lecture 3. Brenda's score on the test is the highest in class. A. She should study hard last night. B. She should have studied hard last night. C. She must have studied hard last night. D. She had to study hard last night 4. To answer accurately is more important than... A. to finish quickly B. a quick finish C. you finish it quickly D. quick finish 5. Having been served lunch,.... A. the problems were discussed by the participants. B. the participants discuss the problems. C. it was discussed by the participants. D. A discussion of the problems were made by the participants. 6. East Kalimantan relies heavily on income from oil and natural gas, and.... A. Aceh province also. B. Aceh province too. C. Aceh province is as well. D. so does× Aceh province. 7. The participants have had some problems deciding.... A. when they should announce the result of the meeting. B. when are they sgoing to announce the result of the meeting. C. when should they announce the result of the meeting. D. the time when the result of the meeting to announce. 8. This year will be more difficult for our organization because.... A. we have less money and volunteers than last year. B. there is a little money and volunteers than last year. C. it has less money and fewer volunteers than it had last year. D. it has fewer money and less volunteers than it had last year. 9. Professor Baker told his students that... A. they can turn over their reports on Mondays. B. the reports can turn over on Monday. C. they could hand in their reports on Monday. D. the reports they can hand in on Monday. 10. The adder is a venomous snake ... bite may prove fatal to humans. A. its B. whom its C. that D. whose 11. .... a bee colony gets, the more the queen's egglaying capability diminishers. A. It is more overcrowded. B. The more overcrowded. C. More overcrowded than. D. More than overcrowded. 12. The chairwoman requested that .... A. the participants studied more careful the problem. B. the participants study the problem more carefully. C. the participants studied the problem with more careful. D. the problem be studied more carefully. 13. Unlike the earth, which rotates once every twenty-four hours ... once every ten hours. A. the rotation of Jupiter B. Jupiter rotates C. Jupiter rotation D. Jupiter rotate 14. Jackson,... capital of× Mississippi, is the largest city in the state. A. the B. it is the C. is the D. where the 15. The various types of bacteria are classified according to...shapes. A. whose B. how they are C. have D. their KUNCI JAWABAN 1. D 11. B 2. B 12. B 3. C 13. B 4. A 14. A 5. B 15. D 6. D 7. C 8. C 9. C 10.D Demikian Contoh Soal TOEFL Structure Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawaban. Semoga bermanfaat. Reference : TOEFL WORKSHOP in 30 minutes by Billy Adam, Ph.D
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