Chocolate Banana Fried Mind Mapping          : Ø  Goal Ø  Materials Ø  Tools Ø  Steps Goal                : How to make achocolate Banana Fried
Materials         : Some bananas, a lot of egroll skin, red sugar, a bar of chocolate, hocolat
                          sprinkles on cookies, a liters of oil .
Tools               : A knife, A kettle, a pan, a strainer,a gas stove, five plates, a cuttingboard
Step                 :
            First     : Prepared the materials as banana , egroll leather, a bar of chocolate, red sugar
                          sprinkles on cookies and oil.
            Second            : Cut the banana become two slices .
            Third   : Take egroll leather and keep on the plate
            Fourth : Take the banana and keep on the egroll leather
            Fifth    : Scrater to sow banana with red sugar and chocolate
            Sixth    : Crease the egroll leather in order to covering the banana.
            Seventh: Flamed the fire in the gas stove and keep the pan on the gas stove
            Eight   : Enter the oil to yhe pan
            Ninth   : After the oil is hot, enter the banana to pan then fried the chocolate banana
            Tenth   : Wait a few minutes until chocolate banana coloured yellow ripe
            Eleventh: Take the chocolate banana if have yellow ripe
            Twelfth: Keep the banana chocolate fried on the frying pan
            Thirteenth: Wait a few minutes until the banana chocolate is warming
            Fourteenth: Keep the banana chocolate fried on the plate
            Chocolate banana fried is ready present