Anna       : Hi Gaby!
Gaby       : Hi!
Anna       : How are you?
Gaby       : fine, and you?
Anna       : Fine too, thanks.
Gaby       : What are you doing?
Anna       : I’m reading a book.
Gaby       : What book is it?
Anna       : It’s Biology book…about plants and animals
Gaby       : Really?? Where did you buy it?
Anna       : I bought it in Gramedia book store.
Gaby       : When did you buy it?
Anna       : I bought it about a month ago. Do you have an interest in it?
Gaby       : Oh, yes! I need that book for doing a task from my teacher.
Anna       : What task is it?
Gaby       : Summery of  the plant’s classification 
Anna       : I see
Gaby       : Yes, I’ll buy it. Ok, thanks for your information. I’ve got to go now. See you.
Anna      : Okay.