Devina : hi. how's life?
alya : i am great. thanks and you?
devina : i am fine,too.hey,you look great in that blouse. is it new?
alya : this old thing? no,it's been a while in the closet.
devina : i like it. where did you buy it? it fits your skirt perfectly.
alya :thanks. i bought it at the mall near my house.

1). who were talking in the dialogue?
2). what were they talking about?
3). what did devina say to compliment alya?
4). what was the blouse suitable with?
5). where did alya buy the blouse?

plis butuh cepat. jawab satu-satupun tidak apa-apa



1. Alya and Devina
2. Alya's blouse
3. Hey, you look great in that blouse.
4. The skirt
5. At the mall near her house