1. Did the fisherman like asking the fish for wishes? How did fell about it? Do you think he could have done something else instead of going back to the fish again and again?
2. The story doesn't reveal how the prince was turned into a fish. what do you think might have happened?
3. Do you think the prince will stay fish forever?
4. What happened at the end of the story? Please describe?
5. Why did the fisherman's wife keep asking her husband to go back to the fish?
6. What do you think of fisherman's wife? do you fell sorry for her? Or do you fell angry with her? discuss
7. If you had a chanche to rewritw the story, how would the story end? Write your ending of the story?
8. Imagine you are the fish in the story. Can you narrate the story from his point of view?
9. What lesson did you learn from this story?



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1.No, the fisherman felt ashamed by his wife's greed and wishes. He can force his  wife to be a grateful woman.
2.maybe a wicked witches throw a spell to him and make the princess turned into a fish
3. maybe yes, maybe no. the writer didn't tell us
4.the last wished of fisherman wife was rejected and all of the accepted wishes before was canceled and disappeared.
5.because the fisherman wife was a greedy woman.
6.i felt nothing to her, trust me, i don't feel anything to her ;v , no i just kidding, the real answer is , yes i fell sorry to her, if she was no greedy at all, she still have a great empire and life peacefull life.
7.the ending is, well the fish still rejected the woman wished, PLUS make the woman know what's is the meaning of trying with a  hard work and not by force the husband to asked a wished from a fish.
8.yes i can, but i can't wrote it here

9. Don't Become a greedy people, there is no way for a greed people to be satisfied , and the end of a greedy people, is always BAD!

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