You have to know that your friends had a fight. they are not on talking terms for sometimes now. since you are common friend it is difficult for you because you want to hang out with both of them but they can't stand each other. you have to find a way to offer and suggest a solution so that the fight is over



Invited them for playing an online game, that's will make both of them become a friend again. :D

yeah , with a little text on it. the text is : "Meet me in the office" ;v
That's when defending yourself is a mistake
okay i got the second plan, make both of them have an debt on you, and the for pay it of is make the 'first' play an online game and then make the 'second' play an online game in a same time. ;p
what if they won't talk to each other? even when seeing each other's face, they won't do it at all. like they are never used to be friend (?)
what if, there was no '"what if"? how do it goes?