My family doesn't get along it's like we allhate each other it's my mom my two brothers a sister and I'm the oldest we all have certain problrms: my mom wants to quit smoking so she is really stressed out I'm really selfish I just can't help it one of my brothers is too bossy he thinks he is better than the rest of us and that he is the only one who helps my mommy other brother is kind of abusive and depressed he always starts fight and he is really spoiled my mom doesn't yell at him for doing things wrong and when he does he laughs at her my sister whos 57
Makes messes and doesnt clean them up I really want to help because I don't like being upset all of the time and having everyone hate evryone else.even when we start to get along some will say something to upset someone else.please helpme and family
ada yang tau balasan surat itu engga? Tolong bantuin dong pusing nih tugas buat besok tolongg



Nih balesannya,

Dear X,

Hi, X. I know how you feel. Thank you for choosing me as your advisor.
It happens a lot and often in a family. Every family must be getting through it. And as usual, we ask other people for help.
I think you should be patience. Talk to them one by one, start from your mother. Talk about their problems and comfort them. It's the only way, be patience and talk. But when you talk to them, and they make you upset, don't get angry. After they feel better, gather them in your living room, and talk to each other.
That's all I can give to you. Try it.

Best regards,

sorry ya klo krg...