I have an announcement
It's a secret
Are you bored?
Yes, I'm tired
That's good idea!
Where will we go?
To Museum Haul
It will be fun, what do we have to prepare for tomorrow?
Bring some clothes and foods
Come to my house at 7 a.m. we will go there by my car
Ready to go for tomorrow
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Good morning...
1.I have an announcement
2.whats the announcement?(whats up dipakai utk menanyakan kabar spt hey whats up pd waktu bertemu)
3.yes i feel bored.
4.and you(sebutin yg td blm jwb),dont you feel bored either?
5.yes we do too
6.i have an idea.what about going somewhere
7.thats a good idea.
8.where will we go?
9.what about museum ...
10.it will be fun.what should we bring?
bring some foods and clothes
11. so can you all come to my house tomorrow at 07.00am so we can go by my car?
12.sure,see you tomorrow then