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Hello, Alia! Let me introduce myself. My name is Hannah.
I know your name from my friend, Caroline. She told me that you
sent her an email telling her that you would like to have more pen pals
from the US. I’d really like to be your E-pal. You sound really cool!
I guess I’d better tell you something about myself first. I’m 16
years old and I attend Thomas Edison High School here in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, USA. I have two brothers and two half sistersand I’m the
middle child. My father died a few years ago so my motherrunsthe
house and the family business. My father was a barista.
I have lots of hobbies. I like music – mostly classical music and
folk music – but I don’t play an instrument. I like sports, especially
tennis and basketball. At school I’m in the basketball team and I spend
most of my extra-curricular time playing basket ball. i’m intoanimals
very much. My sister and I have three dogs, a rabbit and an iguana.
They need lots of attention as you can imagine. At school, I have many
Hmong friends who were not fully fluent in English. Their family moved
here from Asia. I enjoy talking to them about our different cultures.
My favorite subjects at school are art and geography. I think I’d like to
become a park ranger when I graduate, perhaps work for the National
Parks Service.
I haven’t got much interest in fashion, although we have ‘Mall
of America,’ the biggest mall in Minnesota. We can reach the mall very
easily. A commuter trainruns every 15 minutes, buses also come from
different directions. We can also drive to the mall. It’s much faster than
going there by train or by bus.
I don’t like reading but I love drawing and painting.
How about you? Please drop me a line, Alia! Can’t wait to hear from you!




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Hi hannah .. nice to talking with you . I feel very a proud because you want to be my E-pal , and thak's because you think i'm very cool , but actually i'm not cool that much like you think , i'm just an ordinary girl . Let me introduce about my self too . I'm 16 years old just like you ! , i'm school in ( nama sekolah , kota , negara ) . About family , i have one elder brother and one elder sister , so i'm the last child . about your father , i'm feel you must be so sad , but you must be a strong girl . My father and my mother is still a life , they are a doctor in my country . About the hobbies , i have a lots of hobbies too .  I love music , it's classic and pop , i love hear the mussic , but i cant play an instrumment too . I don't love sport so much , because i'm a weak girl , my friend always say like that hahaha ... At school , i'm not in to the sport extra-curricullar , i'm in the biology extra-curricullar , i think biology is fun because we learn about the animal , and some plants . By the way i love animal too , i have one little rabbit and one little cat , they are hating each other , so i'm with my sister always watching theme . I have one friend from USA he's name antonio , but he not a same town with you . He always talking about he's friend in USA . From there we know that USA is so interesting country . My favorite subjects is biology and english lenguage . I think , if we learn english in here , it's always be fun . You know ? I LOVE ENGLISH ! that's the first sentence i thinking it if i learn english .I  don't know much about fashion , so i wont to talk about my fashion , it will be so boring . In here there is a mall too , but maybe in your town the mall is more biggest than my mall town . I love reading but , I ' cant drawing . 
Thank's for your letter hannah , you know , i think you are a good friend , and your so cool more than me . In the next moment , i hope we can see each other . Nice talk to you hannah ... ^^

Alia .

semoga membantu ^^
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Hello hannah. I was accepting your letter. and I want to be your friend to. really do you know me from Caroline? she is my best friend. I very love drawing to, like cartoon, animation and so on. I have a sister. And I very into swimming to. so it is my line. sorry if this very short because I dont know must talk about what. And Caroline definitely tell a long story about my live. Good bye Hannah.