Make a dialogue about showing care based on the situation below!(only 4 dialogue for one situation)
situation 1 : you teacher is speaking in front of the class but all your friends didn't listen to him/her.
situation 2 :your mother got slipped in the stairs
situation 3 : your friend list his wallet in the bus
situation 4 : your beloved friend lost his/her data on the computer every task from the teacher was there
situation 5 : your grandfather got his arm broken
situation 6 : your mom tell you that your father got promotion



Situation 1
A : "Sir may i ask you something ?"
B : "Sure."
A : "Can you repeat one more ? Me and my friend didn't listen to you."
B : "Okay. Just one more"
A : "Oh, mom ! what happen ?"
B : " I slipped in the stairs. it really hurt :( "
A : "I will help you to stand up"
B : "Thank you."
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