Hello my friends
my name is gede susila
i am a student of elementary school number 3 sangsit
i am 12 years old
i am from bali
i live in sangsit village
they are 3 persons in my family
there are is my father,my mother,and i
my hobby is reading
and my ambision isĀ  i want to be a teacher
tapi ada gak yang lebih rinci,,,,,? Assalamualaikum alia
It was very interesting to read your letter about your self and your hometown.i would really like to be your pen friend.
I'm a sixteen year old school student from johor bahru in malaysia.actually i attend an islamic boarding school just outside the city but my family live in kuala lumpur.my eldest sister is a medical doctor. bla bla.,,,, kyk gini,,??