I have received you (1) ... , thanks. The woven fabric you gave me is very beautiful. I (2) ... the motif. I don't use it to make clothes, but I put it on the wall in the living room as a (3) ... . Uncle Sofyan and Yusni (4) ... it very much. I hope my (5)... will do.

By the way , congratulations on your success in receiving the (6) ... ! It truly motivates you to become better. I always (7)... for your future success an please pass my warm (8) ... to your family. I (9) ... them all

I think that's all for now. look forward to (10)... from yo soom

Big hug,

Aunt Selma

a. love, b. pray , c. gift, d. repeat, e. regards, f. admire, g. miss, h. guests, i. decoration, j. report, k. hearing, l. scholarship

ini maksutnya adalah melengkapi isi teks surat,, moon bantuannya ya, trimakasih


1. c. gift
2. a. love
3. i. decoration
4. f. admire
5. h. guests
6. l. scholarship
7. b. pray
8. e. regards
9. g. miss
10. d. repeat
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