Make a short dialogue using the following situations! are apologizing for coming late to the meeting. are apologizing for breaking your friend's ruler. are apologizing for taking your friend's pencil without permission. are apologizing for not finishing your homework. are apologizing for not attending your friend's birthday party



I'm sorry i coming late
i'm sorry i break up your ruler
i'm sorry i'm taking your pencil without your permission
i'm sorry i didn't finish my home work
i'm sorry i can't come to your birthday party
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Number 1
A : "Oh . Excuse me ?
B : "Hy. Do you know what your fault ?"
A : "I'm sorry. I know. I must being coming late to the meeting."
B : "Ah . no problem"
Number 2
A : "Oh No !! I break your ruler !"
B : "Oh My God ! its my favourite."
A : "I'm sorry . It was accident."
B : "Okay, i understand"
Number 3
A : " Do you know where my pencil ?"
B : "I dont know."
A : "Hey ! are you wearing my pencil ?"
B : "This ? oh sorry. i was wearing your pencil without permission. Because, my pencil was lose. and i think i find it back"
A : "Okay. I accept your sorry request :P"
Number 4
A : "Ookay. Now gather your homework in my table."
B : " Im sorry miss. I'm not finished my homework"
A : "Why ?"
B : "Because i little sleepy for doing my homework."
A : "Okay. I Understand."
Number 5
A : "Why you didn't came to my party?"
B : "My Grandma was sick. Sorry."
A : "Oh My. What a mess . Okay."

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