After a drama pratice, all the players kisten to their instructor giving directions on what to do.
ms. Sue: Erlin, you act as Princes Soyso. Can you speak softly, but with a strict tone?
erlin : yes, I'll try.
Dewa: Ma'am, may I change my role? It is difficult to act as a twin. I cannot speak in a different tone everytime.
ms.sue: But you are the one who is suitable for the role. Come on, it is only third pratice. There are still five more. I belive you can master your role as time goes by.
dewa: O.K. then. Thanks.

1. When does the dialog take place?
2. Who is Mrs. Sue?
3. What role does Erlin play?
4. How should Erlin speak?
5. What is Dewa's request?
6. Why does he ask that?
7. Does Ms. Sue grant the request?
8. How many times will Erlin and her friends pratice the drama?



1. after the drama practice
2.the instructor 
3.erlin as princess soyso
4.speak softly with a strict tone
5.he want to change his role
6.because he felt difficult to act as twin, he can't speak different tone everytime she didn't
8. eight times
1. After the all players practice a drama.
2. The instructor.
3. Erlin act as Princess Soyso.
4. Softly but with a strict tone.
5. He need to change hid role.
6. Because he thinks is difficult to act as a twin.
7. No, she doesn't.
8. Only 3.