Contoh Surat untuk KELUARGA :

Dear my Family
In the past when I was a kid, I always loved to be in
side of you. There mama, no papa, no grandmother, no grandfather,
no brother no sister, and many more that are there.
I always enjoy playing with family members
very friendly to me. You guys always ask me to play -
When I started growing up, you got busy with
you work each - each. I started to learn to live
independent, where all the activities I do alone, and
I'm all alone through the day - my day. I began to have
friends playing, but sometimes friends - my
teach things - bad things to me. First I was annoyed
hear you interfere in my daily activities,
but that's where I realized, even though you are very
busy with activities for you, you still care about me.
As long as I do not think that what you have
did in fact only to educate and demonstrate
you love me.
Now I have stepped on maturity, where I have
part with you for a while. Do not
anxious, I know this world is cruel, but I will
try my best to live quietly and peacefully.
This time I'm trying to show that the teaching
- The teaching you during this already I absorb and understand, and
I'm ready to use it to work in my life.
Maybe just a thank you just is not going to
enough to express how grateful I am currently
because it has got a life lesson that never
taught by other people in my life, but remember
that I always say "Thank You" from the bottom
of my heart.
Do not leave me yet, I still want to show
to you that I've reached my success
later after I graduated from college, and when I've
get a good job, which can make you
smiled proudly when it saw me working, and I
also want to introduce you to my partner
later, and my little family are also happy. Give me
time to show you all of it, and finally
you also will live happily with my little family too.
Unfortunately, it took a lot of time to realize
all of it. Therefore, from the bottom of my heart I say,
wait .. Give me some time to realize it,
do not leave me out before I show it
to you, that the teachings you have given
unpayable happiness in my life.
Thank you for my family, I hope you guys in a state that
good and healthy always, wait for the time when I come back
brings a myriad of happiness to you all.
Members of your family who have grown Adult:
(Tolong isi dengan nama kalian masing masing)

bukan seperti itu kak. maksudnya aku buat surat buat temenku yg aku ini cerita tentang keluarga,sekolah dan hobiku gitu kak. tolong di bantu ya kak
oh gitu,maaf ya gatau! iya iya INSYA ALLAH dibantuin
iya kak makasih. kalok bisa sekarang ya kak. soalnya di kumpulin besok kak
iya makasih kak. kalok bisa sekarang ya kak soalnya di kumpulin besok