A: Hey, B. How have you been doing?
B: Hi, A. I've been doing fine.
A: Oh, ya. Have you heard about the English Speech Competition winner?
B: No, I haven't. Who is it?
A: It's our friend, C!
B: Really? Awesome! He must be a smart student.
A: Ya. There he is. He's coming closer.
C comes closer and says hi.
C: Hi, guys! What are you guys takking about?
A: We're talking about you. You're so amazing, C! You're very clever!
B: Ya. I envy you. You're so great at English while I'm not.
C: Well, if you guys practice harder, you guys can be like me. And I can teach you English too.
A and B: Really? Wow! That would be great. Thanks, C!
C: You're welcome, guys!
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