Ini adalah Jawaban Tersertifikasi

Jawaban tersertifikasi mengandung isi yang handal, dapat dipercaya, dan direkomendasikan secara seksama oleh tim yang ekspert di bidangnya. Brainly memiliki jutaan jawaban dengan kualitas tinggi, semuanya dimoderasi oleh komunitas yang dapat dipercaya, meski demikian jawaban tersertifikasi adalah yang terbaik dari yang terbaik.
Situation : B is sitting on the bench, A joining B and have some hang out together
A : hi A ! how are you ?
B : hi B, i am fine thanks, how about you ?
A : i am fine too, you look pale, what happen ?
B : i just not get enough sleep
A : why ?
B : you know, i am insomnia plus last night the air is so hot and i don't have an air conditioner (AC)
A : you should turn your fan on and drink a glass of milk, that should help
B : oh, i forgot that i have a fan, i should turn it on last night
A : oh, you is so forgetful person, maybe it caused by your not enough sleep problem
B : yeah, maybe. i know not get enough sleep can cause many problem that will appear
A : you should take a rest or a nap immediately
B : yeah, thank you for your time to just caring me
A : oh, don't hesitate to tell me about your problem, i will help you as much as i can.