Mike   :Hi..mega.How are you  this day?
Mega  :Hi,,pretty good,what about you?
Mike  :I am fine,thanks.By the way,do you have  leasure time in this weekend
Mega  :Hmmm..yes, i have,why  mike?
Mike  :I will go to picnic  this weekend with my family,so I want  you to accompany  me,because I don,t  have friends.
Mega  :That sound is interesting..
Mike  :So,can you?
Mega :Of course mike,by the way,where will we go to picnic?
Mike  :Cameron highland,so we can see tea garden and stroberry garden.
Mega  :Wow,,it is great.
Mike  :Of course.mega,what do you think if we invite fany?it will be more fun.
Mega  :I agree,so lets we ask to fany.
Mike  :Oke..i will call her right now.Hello fany…
Fany  :Hello,mike
Mike  Fany,I want to invite you  to go to picnic this weekend,can you?
Fany  :Going to picnic,that’s great,actually I want to go. But,sorry mike, I have a promise with my mother to go to my grandmother’s house.
Mike  :Oh,,that’s oke fany.
Fany  :Have a nice picnic…
Mike  :Thank’s fany,bye….
Fany  :Bye…