Ryan : Hi, Shinta! What are you doing?
Shinta : I am collecting stamps. Come here!
Ryan : What do you mean with collecting stamps?
Shinta : Are you serious? You don’t know that? I collect the stamps, here. Like this.
Ryan : Okay, I know now. Why do you collecting stamps?
Shinta : I like to see the unique pictures of the stamps. I am collecting stamps since I was 5 years old. My father used to bring the stamps from the country that he has visited. And how about you? I mean, What’s your hobby?
Ryan : I think I don’t have any hobby.
Shinta : Really? What do you like? I know you have a lot of books.
Ryan : Yeah. I have many books to read. I’d like to read a book.
Shinta : Hobby is a pleasure. Then, I think you have a hobby. Your hobby is reading a book.
Ryan : Interesting. I like to read self-improvement book, such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki, The Hunger Games and many more. And I am still looking for other interesting books.
Shinta : Oh, I like that book! I like Rich Dad, Poor Dad book.
Ryan : Yes, many people like Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Do you need much money for collecting stamps?
Shinta : Yes of course, I need much money because I order the stamps so it costs little bit expensive.
Ryan : Wow, Your hobby is expensive!
Shinta : Yeah but I like to do it.
Ryan : Okay good luck with your hobby.
Shinta : Thank you
jangan lupa 'terima kasih'nya yaaa, maaf kalo gak terlalu kebantu :)

Lala : Hello ..Good morning !
Nurul : Hello,..Good morning !
Lala : How do you do
Nurul ; How do you do
Lala : What is your name ?
Nurul : my name is Nurul, and you ?
Lala : My name is Lala...,What is your hobby ?
Nurul : My hobby is Singing,and how about you ?
Lala : Owh,that's greet..,and my hobby is swimming and playing badminon...Can you singing for me ?
Nurul : Owh,I'm so sorry,for now i cant singing...
Lala : Ouwh Allright,no problem,Get well soon...
Nurul : But maybe i can singing tomorrow..!
Lala : Oke,o rght now i must go home..See you later
Nurul : yahh...see you too