Penguins are birds. They have wings but they cannot fly instead, they use their wings as flippers to paddle in water. They also paddle with their webbed feet. Penguins are very good swimmers,

Pinguins have long barrel shaped bodies . they have short legs and can stand upright. When pinguins are standing up they look a little like people at fancy party. Pinguins have dark backs and white breasts that make them look like men in tuxedos.

Pinguins have a funny waddle when they walk on land they cannot waddle very fast. When pinguins are on ice or snow, they like to sled their body to move fast to beginning . they lie on their stomachs and paddle forward with their wings. Pinguins would rather swim than move about on land.

1) do pinguins use their wings to fly ?
2) what do they use to paddle used for ?
3) how do their bodies look like ?
4) where do pinguin usually live ?
5) what does the second paragraph tell us about



1 ) no
2 ) wings
3 )people wearing tuxedos
4 )in the south pole
5 )how theymove

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2014-09-11T20:04:03+07:00, they are not
2.they use their wings to paddle in water
3.pinguins have long barrel shaped bodies and penguin have short legs
4. they live on ice or snow
5.the materials of penguin
2 5 2