A: Hey, B. How are you feeling today?
B: I'm feeling great! Why? Because tomorrow is Saturday! Yeay!
A: What will happen on Saturday?
B: I will go fishing with my father. Wanna join us?
A: I'd like to, but I couldn't. I would have to visit my grandma tomorrow. She's seriously ill.
B: Oh. I see.
C comes and interrupts.
C: Hi, guys!
A and B: Hi, C!
C: Guys, would you like to come to my house on Sunday?
A: Sure, I would like to. I'm free on Sunday.
B: I'm sorry, C. I already have a plan to go to Bandung on Sunday.
C: Oh. That's okay. What about tomorrow?
A: I'm planning to visit my grandma.
B: Ya. I have a plan too.
C: Oh. Then I will have to cancel it till next week. Well, I have to tell my other friends then. See ya!
A and B: See ya!

maaf klo kurang ya?