Anita and bella do not want to talk each other because anita dont give bella birthday word and gift
bella ignore anita.and anita feel there is something wrong
a:what happend with you??
b:nothing,i think you're my bestfriend!
a:of course
anita doesn't relize that bella is very angry with her
a:hey what happend to you,i dont know what make you like this! what i've got to do??
b:you dont have to do anything
a;so why you're angry
b:you should be give me a give or at least you say something to me in my birthday
a:oh no,i'm so sorry i forget it.i never think that i'm to busy this month and make me  forget your birthday.i'm so sorry,you re my bestfriend i dont want to lose you
b:i'ts ok i just too love you to lose you i dont want you to forget me

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