Good Morning All my dear friends, and Teacher. I would like to introduce myself, Please Allow me to, in short time. My name is(namakamu), and my nickname is(namapanggilankamu), I was born in(Daerahlahir), (tanggallahirkamu, contohnya July, 25th 2001. Now, I live at(kalo nama jalan, atau rumah pakai at). I am(umurkamu)old. I am sorry if it's too short. that’s all I can tell and I want to say thank you for your attention. Good morning everyone, nice to see you :D
Good morning/afternoon everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is "blabla" you can called me "blablabla", I was born in "blablabla", so I'm "blabla" years old. I lived at "blabla". That's all I can say to you, I hoped we could be a good mates and thank you for your attention


Hello,good day(sesuai waktu) i want to introduce myself,my name is edaarningsih. i live in mangi street(contoh),i'm grade one(contoh) now. i think that's all i can say for now. thank you!!!