Mark: Hi Chris, would you like to do something with me this weekend?
Chris: Sure. What shall we do? 

Mark: I don't know. Do you have any ideas?
Chris: Why don't we see a film? 

Mark: That's sounds good to me. Which film shall we see?
Chris: Let's see "Action Man 4". 

Mark: I'd rather not. I don't like violent films. How about going to "Mad Doctor Brown"? I hear it's quite a funny film.
Chris: OK. Let's go see that. When is it on? 

Mark: It's on at 8 o'clock at the Blue Cinema. Shall we have a bite to eat before the film?
Chris: Sure, that sounds great. What about going to that new Italian restaurant 'Italianni's'? 

Mark: Great idea! Let's meet there at six.
Chris: OK. I'll see you at 'Italianni's' at six. Bye.