You :John why you missed the class for three days ?,we really miss you
John:I am sorry i was in hopsital my friends
You:what happening to you??are you okay
John :i am fine,i just got stomache
You: oow Get well soon John
John :Thank You
Andy : Hey, do you know where is Ria now? you know, i don't see her today and there's something i need to tell her.
Tara : she's actually absent today
Andy : eh? what's wrong?
Tara : she was collapsed this morning. so right now, she stays in the hospital. they said, her illness appear once again.
Andy : that's so sad. let's visit her after school, Tara!
Tara : okay
ah..maaf.. kata 'this morning'-nya .. saya bermaksud menulis 'three days ago''..
i'm sorry :o