I am a girl
you are a dentist
she is angry to you
he is in Malang
we are the students of junior high school
he is very kind
she is a professional model
they are an ideal team
he is in the hospital with his friends
i am from Madiun

i sweep the floor every afternoon
you clean the whiteboard every day
she come from jakarta
he take a bath 3 times a day
they play football together
ani write a letter in her room
you broke the vase
i cut the paper one by one
she buy a new car
he bring his old motorcycle
1. I am happy
2. She is clever
3. My Bedroom is dirty
4. He is lazy
5. This foods are very delicious
6. My pens are broken
7. My sister is the smartest student in her class
8. My House is wide
9. Boni is stupid
10. I am sad

1. My father is working i his office
2. My sister is studying in her university
3. my mother is cooking my favorite food in the kitchen
4. That train is going to Jakarta
5. He is running
6. She is writting the letter
7. Sinta is reading a novel
8. The monkeys are climbing the tree
9. Tiara is riding a bike fastly
10. My father is driving a car