I write request asking about someone's willingness to do something

Example :
-i want you to get me the newspaper
~can you get me the newspaper,please?

1. I want you to leave me alone
2. I want you to accompany me
3. I want you to help me with my english homework
4.i want you to take an umbrella
5. I want you to lend me an encyclopedia
6. I want you to bring my books
7. I want you to attend thr meeting tomorrow
8. I want you to come to farewell party
9. I want you to answer the questions
10. I want you turn on the fan

Ngerti kan mksdnya?pliss ini buat bsk.-.



Diapain ya . _ . ? udah bener semua tuh
1. Can you leave me alone?
2. May you accompany me?
3. Can you help me with my english homework?
4. Can you take me an umbrella?
5. May you lend me an encyclopedia?

Rata2 kyk gitu
6-10nya belumm?.-.hehe
itu setiap kata "I want" ganti sama Can ato gk May
Ok thanks:-)