Will you help me?

will you go to his party tomorrow?

will you try this at home?

will she do her homework?

will you give me more information about the test?

will you make some food to me? because i feel so hungry right now

will you make me proud of you?

will he forget about the task?

will he present tomorrow? i hear, he is not well

will she forgive you, after you did it to her?
will you give your food?
shall we offer you our food?
shall we go to school every saturday?
terima kasih sdh menjawab yaaaaa
1. I will go to Amric next month.
2. You shall give a gift for your mother.
3. She will get a good mark if you study hard.
4. My Father will go to Surabaya tomorrow morning.
5. They shall go camping next week.
6. She will buy a car.
7. John will have dinner with his girlfriend tonight.

lanjutin sendiri ya,,tinggal 3 thok...