Tolong buatin contoh ask attention tentang guru dan muridnya di dalam kelas !
cepat yaa ! aq lgi btuh bngt, soal'a bsok d kmpul !

ask attention !
kmu bisa buatin contoh ?
aq nggk faham kl ask attention. d kls aq ga d bahas ask attention. adanya ask for opinion.
insya allah ya..


Teacher : "everybody, are you ready to learn english now?"
student : "yes.."
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Teacher : Keep silent please... We cant continue this class if you speak a load everytime, John...!!
John : So sorry, Mr. I just speak for a little.
Teacher : Well, We need the quiet time to study,Isn't it guys? So, pay attention please in this class. Can you do it?
Student : Yes, Mr.