Diary tetang apa? kehidupan sehari-hari? seseorang yg disukai? temanya apa?
temanya sih bebas. seseorang yang disukai aja lahh, + kalau bisa sama artinya ya mbakkk..
Jawaban paling cerdas!

Dear Diary

Today is so annoying !!
To start off I got 50 forBiology test. which I know my parent arent going to be happy about that... And then There is a sudden pop geography quiz !! which I didnt even remember a thing!! What make me more upset is Sarah. She passed me a note that she slip on my locker during period. She said she was upset that I didnt go with her more often, and thinks that I am avoiding gim. Of course not !! I was just so busy with my homework!!

And then my parents told me to go to Church activities. Exactly what I need !!(note the sascarm) Cant they understand that this years Im going to be so busy with homework ?? And the last thing I need is My friends to ignore me when I ask her to help me with homework

Ughh this is just so great !! I cant even think anything... I hope she understand me ..

(taruh namamu disini)