I, who lived in the year 2050
Introducing, my name Num. Ntah why and where it came from me and my friends my age are just having a name that is only 3 letters. When asked why, my parents said, "yes it is a trend the days you were born". And forecasters said anything, it brings its own hockey. The shorter the name of a person, the more the master name sustenance. I also deplore my father's mother who strongly believes in the predictions. It was a sham.
I have a thin body, sunken eyes with dark circles like panda eyes, dry skin like snake skin who want to change the skin, my teeth were rotten fast, even stay a few strands of hair, eye sight is not as good as a child, I was walking with a cane supported interrupted both armpits. For your information, my age is now being moved 8 years. The exact same body when my grandfather was 80 years of age. Very much like it when I see pics grandfather.
"I am a biological grandfather granddaughter", I told myself to console himself.
What's wrong with my body? Strange disease? Environment? Family economic situation ?. Ah there's nothing wrong with it, maybe. My mother's father is a very rich man, so that a drop of water was able to be purchased. Yes, today's clean water must be purchased. Less water. Well the reason why our body is damaged. We very rarely touched the refreshing clear droplets. In fact, every day, every citizen must be rationed 1 mineral water bottle caps to drink. Ah, if I estimate the amount may be only 10 drops. It could only wet half of our throats. For a bath? We only use the wet wipes products ntah any material mixed therein.
My father often hear stories fun but most of my hate. When the father tells, he and friends his age can still be running alongside the river and swim while catching fish, shrimp and crab. Still can freely laugh freely among the green leaves. Capture wild birds in forest cover near the grandparents' house. Catch a cricket amid the rice fields. Kite flying in a large field when the wind blows hard. Climbing a neighbor's tree fruit season comes. And it is not at all I've ever done, was not even imagined.
Understand it, now I was in the days that never saw the natural trees. Now the all-plastic. The leaves are derived from recycled goods. Wind is used, although in the open, using a fan that the average diameter of 50cm, per-house and every store must-have. We can no longer use the car, small or large. The vehicle can only be used for residence. Not big enough to pass our asphalt road car. For the motor could only be 2 lines and 1 line perjalurnya. Queued and be extra patient. We have to go to school if and working, at least at 3 am, even though my school is only 500 meters away. I had been accustomed to get up earlier than the other friends, so as not to be punished by the robot heartless punisher. Cruel indeed. Minimal if it is punished, we treated day 2 days at home. That is why human rights do not apply to robots. And all schools apply the same penalty system. For traveling, we had to use the vehicle, if not, hmm too cruel this city to a pedestrian.
We must be good at creating their own jobs. Because if not, we will be replaced with robots created by humans, who have mastered every factory and other work areas. Fortunately we were taken care of by the time our baby robot. At least we have a heart. Maybe I should find a job that really takes a lot of people. Aha, I've got an idea. What if I sell clean air canned form. It sold more salable than selling electronic goods. Now we do not care about electronics. There was no sophisticated electronic goods because all look similar.
Ah, never mind. We had already started to focus our breathing air, respectively. No matter how narrow this land. No matter the amount of precipitation are great and always make our area flooded. Trash scattered everywhere. Land was turned into cement and asphalt. River had been filled by colorful trash. Touch the water, then add to the skin disease. I want to end my life. But no!. I have to survive. I have to conquer this harsh life. I should know, this world survived until when. Am I the last, or first world exhausted?