I think 2013 curriculum is not bad (menurutku) because there's so much homework because in this curriculum, the student needs to find the information by him/herself. But the good thing is, the students now much more active than usual and will have a better attitude because the teacher has to pay attention at the students attitude
as a student i'd say it's tiring because of the homeworks
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I think the new curriculum isn't that good. I mean, how do you think about average 15-16 years old teenagers arrived home at about 5-6 pm and not to forget having tons of homeworks? It must be tiring, right? The new curriculum makes us, the students can not concentrate on both studying and doig homeworks. We are requested to be more active inside the class, while the teachers just give the tasks and homeworks. If the teachers aren't that active, then how could it improve the students' ability? What's the use having teachers but the questions and answers are asnwered by the students itself? I definetly don't agree with the new curriculum. It also lessens our time together with family, friends and our rest time for sure.
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